How To Use OpenNebula AppMarket

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  1. Open OpenNebula Sunstone and login.
  2. Go to “Storage” in the left menu and click on “Apps” in the drop down menu.
    Appmarket menu.png
  3. A list of all available appliances will appear.
    Appmarket page.png

    Every appliance contains an image and an example template. Click on one appliance to view more details.
    Appmarket info.png
    Appmarket info1.png

  4. To import an appliance, select it and click “Import” button.
    Appmarket select.png

    A flyout will appear asking for a new image and new template name. It is very important to change the proposed image and template names, otherwise the import may fail because an image or a template with the same name may already exist.
    Appmarket import.png

  5. Go to “Virtual Resources” in the left menu to see the image and the template just imported. Remember to adjust the template to your preferences before instantiating a new virtual machine.
    Appmarket templates.png
    While OpenNebula is importing the image, it will be in "LOCKED" state. This image cannot be used until the state changes to "READY".
    Appmarket images.png