How To Resize An Image In OpenNebula

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  1. Open OpenNebula Sunstone and login.
  2. Go to “Storage” in the left menu and click on “Images” in the drop down menu.
    Img menu.png
  3. Click on the image you want to resize, and make sure is not persistent in "Info" tab.
    Img information.png
  4. Instantiate a Virtual Machine attaching your image as Storage Disk.
  5. A flyout will appear. In the right side, under "Disks", you can resize the image. Once done, click Instantiate button.
    Disk resize.png
  6. As soon as the VM is running, Power it Off.
  7. Click on your VM and Go to "Storage" tab.
    Storage tab resize.png
  8. Click "Save As" Action next to the disk image information. Specify an Image name and click "Save As".
    Saveas disk resize.png
  9. Go to “Storage” in the left menu and click on “Images” in the drop down menu. You should see the new image with a resized disk.
    While OpenNebula is saving the image, it will be in "LOCKED" state. This image cannot be used until the state changes to "READY".
    List resized.png
    Disk info resized.png
  10. If the image before the resize process was persistent after the resize change it back from no persistent to persistent. Otherwise leave it as non persistent.
  11. If the resized image will be used for a existing template change it in the VM template section/storage