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In the following wiki article you will find Email Server Information necessary to access the webmail as well as setup your local email client:

Please replace, "" with your domain name (i.e. if your domain was, please replace all instances of with"

For all access, you will need to know the below information:

  • Username = your full email address (i.e.
  • Password = Your email password


Incoming eMail

  • Server:
  • Protocol / Server Type: IMAP or IMAP4
  • Port 143 with StartTLS or
  • Port 993 with SSL
  • username/password see above

NOTE: For Outlook Users, please make sure that:

  • Require SPA, secure password is UNCHECKED
  • Under Advanced Settings for Ports you may have to use:
    • Port 143 with SSL/TLS

Outgoing eMail

  • Server:
  • Protocol: SMTP
  • Port 587 with StartTLS
  • username/password see above
  • Server requires Authentication (you can either select using incoming server settings or enter in your username and password)

How to Change Your Password

  • Login to Webmail (see above for url)
  • If using the basic skin (default look), Click on the "Settings" Link.
    Email Setup 1.png
  • Then Click "Password"
    Email Setup 2.png
  • Enter in your current password, new password, and re-enter password and click Modify
    Email Setup 3.png